Terms of trade & delivery for consumers


Sale of physical goods through the internet.

The terms of trade applies to the consumers buying goods from dissingwatches.com. The site is owned and operated by 

Ditur ApS

CVR-nr: 35636919

Elmegårdsvej 12A

8361 Hasselager

Phone: 60 57 07 35 



Payment can be made through the following methods: Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron.

The liable amount will be withdrawn when the order is sent. 

If an order contains multiple products, and one or more products are unavailable for an immediate delivery, the amount will be withdrawn when these products are sent. 



We are eligible for delivery in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy and France. 

We have an expected delivery time of 2 to 5 business days after the order is confirmed.

We are offering the following delivery options: GLS private (delivered to your home address), GLS parcel shop and DHL Express.

We are furthermore offering free delivery to any GLS Parcel shop.  


Right of cancellation

You are eligible to cancel your order without any justification within 99 days. If you have ordered multiple products within the same order, you can choose to only cancel some or all of your products. In regards to payback of the delivery costs with partly cancellation under the segment payback of the delivery costs with cancellation”

The deadline of cancellation expires 99 days after you or the chosen person (not the transporter) physically receives the product. 

If you have ordered multiple products within the same order, and we are not able to deliver the products simultaneously, the deadline of cancellation will be from when you receive the last product/products. 

 If the deadline expires on a holiday, saturday, christmas or new years, the deadline will be extended to the following business day.


Exceptions to the right of cancellation 

There is no right to cancel when buying goods or services that are made specifically after your choice. This is primarily due to engraving of watches, where the 99 days do not apply. 


This is how you cancel

 You can cancel your order by giving us clear notice of cancellation. You can send a letter or an e-mail, where you give notice of the cancellation to Ditur ApS, 8361, Hasselager. Phone: 60 57 07 35, support@dissingwatches.com. 

You cannot cancel your order by refusing to receive the order nor decline to gather the package from the parcel shop, without giving notice of cancellation.

You can use the law's standard cancellation formula which can be found in the bottom of this document, thus, it is not mandatory. 

The right of cancellation is fulfilled, if there is given notice of the cancellation before the statue of limitation. 


Product return and related costs

 If you regret buying a product, you have to send or deliver it directly to Kasper Dissing, Elmegårdsvej 12A 8361 Hasselager with no unnecessary delay. The parcel must be sent within 14 days of your notification of cancellation. The deadline is upheld if you return the parcel within 14 days.

 Goods must be sent to our address with private distribution

You are self responsible for payment for return of the product (7 €).


Return Payment of money with explanation

When you regret your purchase, we refund all payments received from you, with eventual delivery costs. That does not include extra costs when you have chosen a delivery form which is more expensive than the cheapest form of delivery we offer. If you have bought many products in an order and only regret a part of your purchase, we cannot pay back the delivery cost. 

We pay you back the amount without any delays and under all circumstances latest 14 days from the date that we have received your message for return/regret on your order. Vi can then hold back the amount until we have received the product in return or you have sent documentation that the product has been returned.

We pay out the return payment on the same payment method that you used to complete the original transaction, unless you have specified to be paid elsewhere. Under all circumstances you will undergo fees which follow the return payment.


The products quality on return and packaging

You are liable only for the eventual effect on the product's value which can be due to the care of the product, which can have an impact on the decription, settings, quality and the functionality of the watch. 

You are to return the product in the original packaging. The packaging can be opened but not destroyed. If the packaging is missing something or destroyed, it can impact the value, which you are liable for. 

You should further make sure that the product is safely packaged when you return it. You carry the risk for the package/product, until we receive it. Save the post receipt with the tracking number and trace number. 


Return right

You have the right to full return for 99 days from your purchase date. The return right is liable on the fact that the product returned is unused, unbroken packaging and undamaged state. We do not pay for the return. The return right does not apply to your lawful right to regret the purchase which is stated over. The right of return runs from the expiry of the right of withdrawal.

Where do I find my order number? You find the order number on your order confirmation, you received on email in connection with your order. Your order number is also given outside on the package you received. 

Is it possible to change a product? Normally, it is not possible to swap a product. It should instead proceed as a generic return where the unwanted product is sent in return. After this you can take on a new order on our homepage where you will receive an order confirmation and guarantee, which is in connection with your purchase. It cannot be changed directly over, however it is important with the correct order confirmation in connection with guarantee cases. 

What does it cost to return a product? The use of our return label costs 7 €, which is countered when you get your money refunded. The package label is sent out on your email when you request a return. The package label is put out on the outside of the package you wish to return. When you take use of our package labels, your packages are fully insured and can be tracked the whole way.

When do I get my money refunded? When we have received your package in our return section. Our return team goes in motion with taking care of your return and proceeds then to refund you your money. We have 2-7 days working days for treatment depending on the season. As soon as we have processed your return, your money will be returned to your card which was used for the order through our agreement with NETS. Here you will receive an email with a credit note.

What are the criterias for a return? If you wish to return one or more orders, it is important to be aware that the underlying criteria are fulfilled:

  • The product is bought within 99 days
  • The original product package is there.
  • Plastic is not removed from the product.
  • The strap or band on the product is not adjusted.
  • The product is not engraved.

---- Return process -----

  1. Start your return by contacting our customer service with order number, item to return, and reason for the return.
  2. Our customer service will then provide you a package label.
  3. Put the package label on the outside of the package.
  4. Pack the return well and send it back to us.
  5. Wait for a response from our return team


Complaint - Something is wrong with the product

You have 2 years of a right to complain on all the products bought at Dissing Watches. The complaint should happen within a reasonable time and after the problem is substantiated and latest 2 months after that. Before you send your product in for complaint, we ask you to contact our customer service about the problem that you are experiencing. To help you the best way possible, we ask you to add a picture or video and to give your order number and a description of the problem.

When should I set up the complaint? You should set up the complaint if you either: Received the wrong product, have received a defect product, have not received the whole product and the problem has not occured from false use of the watch.

How do I set up a complaint? If you experience problems on your product after you have taken it to use, then we will need your product as part of the complaint so we can check and test the problem or switch it to a new one. Contact our customer support at support@dissingwatches.com with order number and reason for the complaint with documentation, Afterwards, we will send you a package label and set it on the package which you can then send to us. Afterwards just send it from your nearest GLS shop. 

What does a complaint cost? If the complaint is justified, we will pay for the transport cost. It is then important that you contact us and follow the procedure described below.

How long does a complaint take? When we have received the complaint, our complaint team goes in and starts taking care of it. We have 2-7 days working time on the complaints. If the complaint comes in busy times, it may take up to 14 working days to go through your complaint on our website.

--- Complaint process ----

  1. Start your complaint by contacting our support team at support@dissingwatches.com with order number, reason for the complaint, and documentation. You will then receive a package label. Put your package label outside of the package. Pack the complaint well and send it back to us. Wait dearly for a response from our complaint team.
  2. By purchase of a product, it befinds the use of the purchase law rules. You have 2 years of complain rights if the product is missing something. A complaint could include a matter of fabrication or material mistake, or false information about the product. Otherwise, usage of the product or damage that you have done on the product is not worthy of a complaint, and therefore not faulty.
  3. If the product is faulty and you complain to us in time, you have the right to first get the product repaired or replaced. If that cannot be done, or if it does not happen in time, you will under all circumstances get fully compensated or partially.

If you identify that a product is faulty, you should complain to us immediately. We recommend you to complain as soon as possible, especially if it is a matter of transport damage. If you complain within 2 months after the product is deemed faulty, it is still within time. If the complaint is justified we will refund you reasonable and the necessary shipping costs. Therefore, save your receipt in case of problems. 

Do you want to complain to us about something missing, we ask you to detail as much as possible what is missing and what the problem is. It is not a demand but it makes it easier for us to find the problem and it minimizes the expedition time for the complaint. 

Send the product well packaged and protected.

Complaint possibilities

Can we not agree on what you have demands for, you have the following complaint possibilities. 

A complaint over a product or service can be given to the center for Complaint Resolution in Denmark at Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg. You can complain to the center for Complaint Resolution via the complaint portal for Nævnenes Hus (the board committee): 


The EU-Commission online complaint portal can also be used for giving a complaint. It is relevant for users in other EU-countries. Complaints are given here - http://ec.europa.eu/odr. With sending of your complaint, you can send us an email here: support@dissingwatches.com


Other Terms


Gift Cards to dissingwatches.com are usable for 5 years. The eventual full value can be used within a year of the card's run out date. 


Standard cancellation form

(this form is completed and returned only if the right of withdrawal is exercised)

- To Ditur ApS, Elmegårdsvej 12A, 8361 Hasselager, support@dissingwatches.com:

- I/ we (*) hereby exercise the right of withdrawal in connection with my / our (*) purchase agreement for the following goods (*) / provision for the following services (*)

- Ordered on (*) /Received on (*)

- Consumer name (consumer names)

- Consumers address (Consumers address)

- Consumer signature (consumer signature) (only if the content of the form contains message on paper)

- Date