10. May 2022
Posted by Andreas Dupont


Do you experience condensation inside your watch? We are here to answer your questions regarding condensation.

What causes condensation?

In order to prevent future condensation in your watch, it can be useful to know why condensation occurs in the first place. Big temperature differences are often the source of condensation, and the condensation will appear as tiny droplets under the glass.

Unfortunately, no watches are condensation-proof, even if they’re water-resistant. This also applies for even the most expensive watches on the market. This means that condensation is not covered by our warranty.

How do you get moisture out of your watch?

You can try to dry the watch yourself, using the solutions below, but we always recommend you to visit a repair shop that can remove the case back of the watch, and thus dry it more efficiently.

Efficient drying of the watch is of highest importance, when trying to get moisture out of your watch. Therefore, you should be aware that moisture necessarily doesn’t disappear just because the droplets disappear inside the watch. If you don’t dry the watch completely, the moisture inside the watch will potentially damage the movement, which can cause total damage to the watch.

As mentioned before, there are several ways you can try to absorb the moisture out of the watch yourself. 

  1. Fill a bag with rice, and pull out the crown of the watch. Close the bag and leave the watch in it for at least 24 hours.

  2. Pull out the crown and place the watch on a radiator for at least 24 hours or use a hair dryer.

If you have any further questions about condensation in your watch, please contact our customer service at support@dissingwatches.com, and we will be happy to provide further guidance. 

We will respond within 24 hours on weekdays.