A watch for every occasion

When twin brothers Kasper and Mikkel Dissing founded the Danish watch brand Dissing Watches, they shared a philosophy: A quality watch shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Instead of having one expensive watch, you should have a watch for every occasion. One for black tie events, one for the outdoors, one for sports events and so on. Different occasions require different watches, if you ask us. Therefore, Dissing is all about fashionable men’s watches for the quality-conscious man.

Having this philosophy in mind Kasper and Mikkel began designing and producing watches in the autumn of 2018. Since then Dissing Watches has sold more than 89.000 watches across 15 collections making Dissing Watches one of the biggest watch brands in Scandinavia.

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Quality materials doesn’t have to be expensive

One of the secrets to success has been the high quality materials used in the production of the watches. For example the vast majority of the watches are equipped with scratch resistant sapphire crystal and 316L surgical stainless steel - the same materials you find in other, but more expensive watches from premium brands.

But in contrast to other brands we have managed to keep the costs down, which makes it possible to have a quality watch for every occasion. This has been successfully achieved by cutting expensive intermediaries, which is why Dissing can offer a very high quality for the money.

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